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An Innovative IT Solutions And Cyber Security Company

Dive into the world of innovation as this company revolutionizes industries with groundbreaking solutions, Powered by seamless collaboration across all departments.

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Unlock unparalleled value with our premium services. Experience tailored solutions and superior results for your business needs.


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Who we are?

Tinos Software and Security Solutions LLP, founded fifteen years ago by Mr. Dalvy Mathew, a distinguished Cyber Security Expert, and his friend, Mr. Pranav M.O, stands as a beacon of technological excellence and innovation. With a history marked by remarkable achievements, we have earned the trust of over 340 clients worldwide.

Our inception was rooted in a shared vision: to reshape the technological landscape. We remain unwavering in our commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation, perpetually exploring the latest technologies and strategies to ensure that our clients remain leaders in their respective industries.

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Mr. Dalvy Mathew, a distinguished Cyber Security Expert

Dalvy Mathew
Founder & Managing Partner
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What Our Clients Say

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Our smart working process to goal with business

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Set project business goals

Crafting tailored IT solutions that align perfectly with your unique business needs. Together, we set project goals that not only aim for success but redefine it.


Research the Market

We unearth insights that ensure our IT solutions not only meet the current demands but also anticipate future needs. Your success is our blueprint.


Understand your brand identity

Understanding your brand identity involves peeling back the layers to uncover the core values, mission, and unique traits that set your business apart.


Design and test final output

Through iterative design and rigorous testing, we refine our IT solutions to perfection, ensuring the final output not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

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Dalvy Mathew
Dalvy Mathew
Founder and Managing Partner
Pranav Manoj
Pranav Manoj
Co-Founder and COO

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